weakness weak‧ness [ˈwiːkns] noun
1. [uncountable] a lack of power, success, or influence:

• The stock market doesn't fully reflect the weakness in the economy.

• With this weakness in the market, buyers are able to name their prices and find willing sellers.

2. [countable] part of something that can be criticized easily:

• A major weakness of the firm has been its reliance on its headquarters in Atlanta for making decisions.

• a serious weakness in the system

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weakness UK US /ˈwiːknəs/ noun
[U] a situation in which someone or something is at a low level or is not strong or successful: weakness against sth »

The dollar's weakness against the Euro has made European goods more expensive here.

weakness in sth »

Weakness in the economy is accelerating.


She is concerned by the weakness of Europe's single currency.

[C] a particular part or quality of someone or something that is not good or effective: »

A smart management team knows its company's strengths and weaknesses.


There are definite weaknesses in their security arrangements.


His main weakness is his inability to delegate.

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